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Let’s delve into the fascinating world of veterinary medicine and discover the incredible opportunities it offers.  

These videos tell the story of one girl – they follow Joanna’s journey from her desire to become a vet, the effort of getting into vet school and the challenges she met there, then graduating to make her dream of becoming a vet a reality.  

We also speak to two 6th year pupils who are trying to get to vet school. 

Becoming a vet requires a strong foundation in science, particularly biology and chemistry. In secondary school, focus on these subjects and strive to excel. Develop good study habits, ask questions, and engage in practical experiments whenever possible. Building a solid academic background will pave the way for your future studies in veterinary medicine.


If you have ever thought, even for a minute, about possibly being a vet, don’t be put off by what you “think” is needed to get to vet school. Come along to our online talk held each year in March and hear from people who are already vets or vet students, and the admissions teams from the Scottish vet schools. 


You can listen to the 2023 talk here 

After completing secondary school, you can embark on the exciting journey of obtaining a veterinary degree from a reputable university. This comprehensive programme will provide you with a deep understanding of animal anatomy, physiology, diseases, and treatment methods. 

Embrace the learning experience, participate in practical sessions, and seize opportunities for internships or placements at veterinary clinics to gain hands-on experience.

Each university has slightly different entrance requirements and you can find links to the three Scottish vets schools in the Universities section.   It is good idea to start thinking about the subjects you need when you make your Nat 5 subject choices – biology and chemistry provide a good foundation.  

 If you have already chosen Highers or A levels and have questions about whether they are the “right” ones, then contact the admissions teams who are friendly and always happy to help.

Make use of the career advisors at your school or contact Skills Development Scotland. You will find them here

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”

If you are lucky enough to have pupils who are interested in becoming vets we want to help you provide them with the most useful and up to date information.  The veterinary world is changing and the days of straight A grades including three sciences are past.  We need more Scottish vets in Scotland and you all have a key role in helping us achieve that.  Each year in August we host an event for career advisors/ guidance staff at one of the three vet schools.  Yes THREE vet schools there is a new vet school in Aberdeen with a HND route to becoming a vet. 

The next event can be found in the events section .

If you teach science or biology in a secondary school please make use of the “vet team in a box” resource in the schools section which you can order and use as a lesson with your classes.  




1. Wide Spectrum of Animal Care

Veterinary medicine encompasses a wide spectrum of animal care. As a vet, you will have the chance to work with various animals, from beloved pets like dogs and cats to fascinating creatures like reptiles, birds, and even exotic animals. The diversity of animal species you encounter will continuously challenge and enrich your knowledge and skills.


2. Diagnosis and Treatment

As a vet, you will play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating animals. You will learn how to conduct thorough physical examinations, interpret diagnostic tests, and develop treatment plans tailored to each patient. From prescribing medications and performing surgeries to administering vaccinations and providing preventive care, your expertise will contribute to the well-being of animals under your care.


3. Specialization and Advanced Fields

Veterinary medicine offers a vast array of specialized fields for those who wish to focus on specific areas. You can choose to specialize in areas such as surgery, cardiology, oncology, dermatology, or even animal behavior. Advanced training and certifications allow you to become an expert in your chosen field, opening doors to exciting research, innovative treatments, and improved animal healthcare.


4. Emergency and Critical Care

Animals sometimes require emergency and critical care, just like humans do. As a vet, you will have the opportunity to be part of an emergency team, where you will respond to urgent situations, stabilize injured animals, and provide life-saving treatments. The adrenaline rush and the ability to make a difference during critical moments make this aspect of veterinary medicine incredibly rewarding.


5. Research and Advancements

As the field of veterinary medicine continues to evolve, research and advancements play a vital role in improving animal healthcare. As a vet, you can contribute to scientific research, investigating new treatment methods, understanding diseases, and finding innovative solutions to animal health issues. By embracing a career in veterinary medicine, you become part of a community committed to advancing knowledge and making breakthroughs in animal care.


6. Education and Advocacy

Beyond treating animals, vets also play a crucial role in education and advocacy. You can educate pet owners about responsible pet care, preventive measures, and the importance of vaccinations. Additionally, you can become an advocate for animal welfare, speaking up against animal cruelty and promoting ethical treatment of animals in society.


7. International Opportunities

The field of veterinary medicine offers exciting international opportunities. You may have the chance to work in different countries, experience diverse cultures, and contribute to animal healthcare on a global scale. Whether it’s participating in wildlife conservation projects, joining international veterinary organizations, or collaborating with experts worldwide, the world becomes your playground as a veterinarian.


Embarking on a career as a vet is an incredible journey that combines your passion for animals with scientific knowledge, empathy, and a drive to make a positive impact. By dedicating yourself to this noble profession, you can shape the lives of animals, advocate for their welfare, and create a better world where animals thrive. 


So, keep nurturing your love for animals, fuel your curiosity, and work towards making your dream of becoming a vet a reality!


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